Human Grade

100% Organic

No GMO's

Gluten Free

What is a Nak Snack?
Nak Snacks are organic dog treats that come from Nak Cow Milk, in the Himalayas. These cows live 15,000ft above elevation.  The eat only grass, weeds, and snow.
Can Humans Eat Nak Snacks?

Yes, humans can eat Nak Snacks.  Around 100 years ago, Nak farmers in Tibet figured out this process.  They have been smoking Yak Milk into Nak Snacks for many years.  Farmers in the Himalayas will chew on small pieces of Nak Snacks throughout the day very similar to bubble gum.

What is Nak Krack?

Nak Krack is a new product we created using the powder from Nak Chews when cut.  We take the shavings and break them down into a powder form. Dogs love it if you sprinkle a little on top of any food dish, or treat.

How do you make Nak Krack?

Nak Krack is a new product that we are introducing.  Nak Krack come from the powder we get when we cut our Yak Bones.  Dogs love it. Just sprinkle a little over their food and watch how happy they are at dinner time!

What is the Difference between a Nak and a Yak ?

The main and biggest difference is that a Nak Cow is a Female Cow, while a Yak Cow is a Male Cow.  Yak cows do not make milk.  Think of them as a Bull, where a Nak cow is a female dairy cow.

Why are some chews darker then others?

The color of the chews can differ because the chews are manufactured in batches every day and the quality of the Nak Milk we collect everyday can have different protein levels. The main reason the some chews are darker is due to the use of pine woods for some batches…Colors can differ slightly also due to the quality of milk differ from Nak to Nak as they are more into wild grazing of herbs shrubs and they eat something different everyday …for eg., some days they are having grass full of protein and many other nutrients and some day less…

Why do some Nak Snacks have rounded ends ?

Some of the chews are round end because when we manufacture we manufacture it in a shape of a slap using burlap or jute cloth which also leaves some marks on chew…see the below pics of the chews before cutting which are more than 2 kg each…and when we cut these into small pieces some can have round edges.

How long does the Nak cheese get smoked for?

Regarding smoking process , actual smoking time for ancient recipe of the chews for human consumption  used to around 5-6 months but as we manufacture now in bulk as a dog chew with low fat content we some our chews for 1.5 months

How many people work at the Himalayan manufacturing facility?

We have 18 Full time workers and in our manufacturing and processing unit and we hire around 15 more seasonally part time..

Do you guys manage the Nak Farms?

We don’t do Nak farming ourselves , we collect our Nak milk from our Nak farmers.  Currently we have 55 unique farmers who all have at least 20 Naks

Do you do custom orders?

Yes! Please message us and we will do our best to meet your needs.

Do you guys gift wrap?

A little extra love goes a long way, so we do offer gift wrapping/packaging at an additional fee. Please message us if you would like it wrapped in specific way or material and will send you a reasonable quote.

How long do the chews last?

<p>It all depends on how active your dog is when chewing on bones, Nak Snacks are tougher than your typical rawhide and bully sticks but, if they are an avid chewer, we suggest getting a size larger.</p>
<p>If your dog tends to just chew on bones here and there, we suggest going with the recommended size to weight ratio listed on each individual product.</p>
<p>X-Small: 15 lbs. or smaller<br>
Small: 15-25 lbs.<br>
Medium: 25-45 lbs.<br>
Large: 45-60 lbs.<br>
X-Large: 60 lbs. or larger</p>

Isn't Salt bad for dogs?

The purpose of salt in our chews is strictly as a flavor enhancer, the amount of salt in each chew is limited.

Is Cheese Fattening for dogs?

The fat content of Nak Snacks is at 1% or less.