Nak Snacks Farmers

We sustainably source our nak milk through direct trade relationships with thousands of Himalayan farmers located in Nepal. All of our farmers are carefully trained in traditional production methods to guarantee not only our high level of standards, but also the continuation of cultural traditions. Our farmers utilize all natural, free-range feeding practices from ancient natural recipes.

Nak Snacks Process

After the milk is boiled for an hour, it is poured into a hand-cranked centrifuge while hot to remove all the fat. The remaining fat-free milk is used to make Nak Snacks. Once the Nak milk has cooled down, a touch of salt and lime juice is added as a coagulant in order to get the texture of a Nak Snack. Then  the milk solids are separated and washed to remove any remaining hints of salt and lime juice.



Nak Snacks Curing Process

We smoke our Nak Snacks for up to 3 months in order to get a hard cheese chew that is consistent of a bone like texture. Using burlap sacks, moisture is squeezed out of the milk solids for three weeks. Bricks are used as weights and shapers on top of the sack of moist chew. The resulting cakes are then cut to size and strung to hang under the sun, where they are smoked using traditional and time-tested techniques for two to three months.

Nak Snacks Mission

Our mission is dedicated to providing your pets with the best and highest quality of products in the world.  Being pet parent’s ourselves, we understand the struggle to find healthy products to feed our pets. We knew we were onto something once we discovered all the benefits of Nak Snacks and how much our Golden Retriever, Buster, loved them!

At 4 years old, Buster has unlimited energy, and while we would love to throw the ball for him all day, we can’t.  So we needed to find something to keep him busy while we are busy. With an X-LARGE Nak Snack, Buster has something to do for hours on end.

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